Laminating is the process of placing something between layers of plastic and gluing them with heat and/or pressure. Laminating keeps your certificate in mint condition and protects it from fading, accumulating dirt or curling. Laminating is most commonly used for awards, diplomas and certificates.

The Lamination Process Generally Takes Us 1 Week Due to The Many Steps

What we need to know to produce your plaque . . .

1-The item that you need laminated, you will need to send it to us. please remember to pack this very well as we would not want it to be damaged in transit.

2-Your choice of wood tone or colored borders


3-Your choice of trim and beveled edge (these usually match) Choice of Gold or Silver.


4-Your choice of surface finishes (glossy or linen)

****Other Items Can Be Laminated Without The Wood Background.

 Contact Us With Size And Quantity For Quotation

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